Dr. N.K. George

Education is an instrument furnished to transform an individual mind, body and spirit when one is in pursuit of acquiring knowledge. Spiritual values equip the student to outwit challenges and complexities in the professional world.

Choosing a college is a critical decision in the life of a student. Eben-Ezer makes your decision simple, yet life changing. Students are imparted with the right training of both academic and moral values giving them limitless possibilities to help achieve their goals and to see brighter days ahead in life by putting their trust in God.

I welcome you to visit our college and to see in action, all the activities mentioned in this prospectus. We firmly believe that our children deserve the best. We are looking forward to partnering with you and your child(ren) for a promising future.


Titus George
Managing Director

Dear Future Leader,

As you stand at the crossroads of your life, the decisions you make have the potential to change your destiny. It is not merely about being qualified, but about the knowledge and wisdom you obtain to carry out your specified goals. Finding an institution that focuses on your future, values your goals, and assists you in accomplishing those goals is vital to living a successful life.

I am greatly obliged and thankful to all members of Staff of this Institution for their kindhearted support and efforts in developing this institution. If you believe you are one of them, I welcome you to come and be a part of Ebenezer Degree College. I look forward to meeting you on campus.

Message from our Principal

Dr. Jessen George, M.Sc., PhD.,

Eben-Ezer Degree College primarily intends to nurture the shelved potential in students providing an ideal platform for them to channelize their creative outbursts and lend expression to their thoughts and views on various aspects in serene manner.

The College has very good infrastructure creating an excellent learning atmosphere meeting the parameters of quality education with rich profile of qualified and dedicated faculty. We are committed to shape our students with moral and social values to make them better citizens.

We believe that complete development of a student into a holistic person requires active participation of the parents too. Thus the institution is in constant touch with parents informing them about the performance of their wards through correspondence and dialogues.