About Us

About Eben-Ezer Group of Institutions

The word Eben-Ezer means “Thus far the Almighty God has helped us”. The Institution professes the motto “Light up the darkness”, the darkness of ignorance in the society can be removed only through quality education and dedicated service.

Since its inception, Dr. N.K. George, the Founder and Chairman along with other members of the Trust has been striving to promote the art of holistic education with excellence. The whole strategy is to impart education and enlighten all those who have involved in the adventure of learning.


  • Our graduates should be winning personalities. Each individual should be able to cope up with the magnitude of today's world.
  • Class room and campus should be fun-time learning and dream building experience.
  • Develop conscientious and responsible citizens of tomorrow.


Give the best to the younger generations. Pursue excellence passionately; it will be the foundation for success. Our people, our children, they deserve the best, so give them the best.


To achieve excellence in higher education and to curve out quality professionals. Learning is much more than academic performance or class room discipline. Today is the time to curve the people of the best for tomorrow. Do not miss any opportunity when it comes to developing young minds.